Prakash Daniel

Prakash Daniel


You make a living out of making everyone else to laugh, but what really cracks you up? Well the thing that really cracks me up is how Malaysians are so ignorant at times. For instance on the road, public toilet, fast food restaurants and every time when something FREE is given out they act as it they don't have those in their life, like a sample Maggi in a cup ! 


What is comedy about for you? 

Well life in general can create lots of funny moments!


How do you come up with new jokes? 

Mostly from the things that I see around me and also news in general. Just look at our newspapers, an awesome material to joke about!


You are also a photographer. Where did you learn how to take photos? 

I learnt to take pictures in my high school days and pursued a degree in Film & TV at university.


How do you decide on the composition of each shot? 

I guess composing a shot is very subjective, at times a blurry shot might work too. As a deciding factor, I suppose as long as you know the rules in photography then you can break em!


What do you hope to capture in your photographs? 

End of the day I love telling stories and that is what I want to capture. Telling a story of the road side hawker, the roti man, the toll booth person and people who are around, those are the things I wanna capture


What is the best photo you have ever taken, and why? 

That is a tough one, but one my favourite photos has to be a picture of this makcik at the mamak stall that I used to frequent when I did my internship in KL. She always asks me, "Why you are always with a camera?" and I replied well to take your picture La and I clicked and that image is one of my favourites till NOW!


Who or what is your inspiration in life?

I would say my parents are my biggest inspiration especially my dad. He has really taught me loads in life. 


What is your most important possession? 

Loads of things but when it comes to photography I would say my 50mm lens which is the cheapest and yet best lens I ever invested in.


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