Eateries that open past 10pm? Check. World-class art and music scene? Check. International talents? Check. Fashion forward individuals? Check. Unique architecture and interior designs? Check. Unconventional and interesting personalities? Check.

Malaysia has some of the best cities that have all the makings of vibrant metropolitans – a cluster of bright lights on the map. But more often than not, you've to be in the right circles to know about that new, quaint café or that awesome art and music mash-up gig happening this weekend.


As a group of people who loves our cities, we've made it our mission to wake up the nation and bring all of our cities' coolest things to life and into the public eye. From the great people to the up-and-coming styles, we want to present our cities to the world as cities that are on par with London, Tokyo and the likes.

And all this with YOUR help. If you love your city as much as we do and believe it is an amazing place, help us by telling us about the cool stuff your city has to offer. And through on-going efforts and partnership with YOU and Mercedes-Benz, a brand that shares the same passion, rest assured, our cities are Alive.

How to Be Part of this Project?